by R. Mitchell

Details are scant, the media is silent, the CCTV cameras are cut, but the photographic evidence is undeniable – is the White House digging in against… something (spoiler alert – the answer is at the bottom).

Concrete wall going up around the WH right now. Make of that what you will.

— Bob (@B_W3T) January 12, 2022

Construction started on Wednesday of a barrier in front of 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue with no explanation coming from U.S. Secret Service, the White House Press Office, or … anyone else.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has scheduled a 3:00 p.m. Eastern briefing that will include National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, so perhaps answers will come this afternoon, but something like this is unlikely to be kept on the down-low even for that long.

After lots of digging, it appears that PenguinSix on YouTube discovered the truth – they’re doing some work on the fountain.

So, stay away from the conspiracy stories, there is, this time, actually nothing to see here folks.

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