You often hear the name George Soros from the right but he’s often written off as a Republican conspiracy theory. Just saying the name “George Soros” will cause a number of eye rolls from the left and even from some on the right.

The problem is that Soros actually is a very real problem for America, it’s just that few are actually sure what it is he does. He’s viewed as this boogie man in politics. A shadowy figure the right blames whenever things don’t go their way.

The truth is that Soros actually is an issue for America. He’s a financier who has gotten rich off of failing economies, and America’s failing economy is a blue whale. His hard-left influence is felt in everything from federal to local elections, and unlike King Midas, whatever Soros touches degrades and rots.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson wanted to point out just how influential and destructive Soros is to America, and to do so he pointed to the District Attorney of Los Angeles, a politician so radical that even the leftist leaders of one of the bluest of the blue states no longer endorse him.

Carlson begins by describing who Soros is and how he got his billions of dollars.

“He becomes extraordinarily rich by finding ways to exploit the weaknesses in systems he didn’t build,” said Carlson. “In their early 1990s, Soros became a billionaire by shorting the British pound, crushing the Bank of England in the process. He went on to repeat those tactics in other financial crises in countries around the world. Then Soros turned his attention to the United States, where he decided he’d fundamentally change our society.”

Carlson describes one of Soros’s biggest victories to be George Gascon, the Los Angeles politician that would become district attorney in the city. Soros funded Gascon, helping him get into office, and influencing the city in ways that would force it to collapse.

“Traditionally a prosecutor’s job is to enforce the law, but Soros wanted rigid ideologues who would refuse to do that, and instead let murderers and rapists go free, while allowing society itself to degrade and collapse,” said Carlson.

“In the most recent election, Soros backed a candidate for district attorney called George Gascon,” he continued. “Soros sent more than $2 million on Gascon’s campaign. The 90-year-old Hungarian was Gascon’s biggest single donor, by far. In the end Gascon won. What happened next was the entire point of the exercise.”

“Gascon stopped enforcing the law in Los Angeles. Yesterday, we learned that he’s moving to dismiss all sentencing enhancements against an alleged double-murderer, a man who is accused of murdering a Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy called Gilbert Solano, shooting him in the back of his head last year. That would make, if this change goes through, that man, the man suspected of a double murder, including of a police officer, eligible for parole. And that’s the point of it. Now the details in the story are important, so we’re going to begin tonight with the man who broke the story. From Los Angeles, Fox’s Bill Melugin joins us now.”

“George Gascon has promised to stop seeking sentencing enhancements in every case that comes before his office. Normally, in a functioning society, prosecutors are allowed if they wish to seek longer prison terms for criminals who inflict great bodily injury on their victims, or who carry out gang assassinations in public. George Gascon is getting rid of those additional penalties, along with cash bail and the death penalty.”

Collapsing one of America’s major cities would help a man like Soros make money as America’s economy descends into darkness. Soros effectively feeds off of America’s pain and is a fan of causing more of it. Gascon is perfect for this job as Carlson highlights the attorney generals’ work in San Francisco.

“George Gascon was San Francisco’s district attorney for eight years, from 2011 to 2019. Over his tenure, the city of San Francisco recorded the third-highest rate of violent crime in all of California,” Carlson continued. “San Francisco’s rate of property crimes increased by 37 percent. In 2017, the city of San Francisco, which is not a big place, reported 31,000 car burglaries, the worst year in the city’s history.”

The info about Gascon’s work has been widely available but you don’t need the numbers, said Carlson. His effect on San Fransisco is obvious alone. It’s so obvious that even the hard-left leaders of San Francisco won’t endorse him.

“It’s so obvious, that the mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, no conservative, declined to endorse Gascon in his race this year. San Francisco’s city attorney also declined. In other words, even some of the worst, least abled, most mediocre politicians in the United States, looked at George Gascon and said, ‘he’s too much for us.’ He’s a threat to the people he represents. George Soros looked at him and said, ‘that’s the man I want to fund. That’s the country I want America to become.’