Republican New York Rep. Elise Stefanik says bipartisan opposition to Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is growing amid the ongoing nursing home scandal.

“Less than a month ago Democrat state senators blocked subpoenas; they also blocked state senate Republicans who wanted to rein in those emergency powers. Now the dam is breaking.”

Cuomo has been under a barrage of criticism after a report revealed he hid the number of people who died of coronavirus in nursing homes to avoid discovery by the federal government. Stefanik has called for Cuomo to be prosecuted for his role in the coverup.

“You’re seeing overwhelming bipartisan outcry,” Stefanik continued. “And a little bit about the politics in New York state: everyone knows Gov. Cuomo is a bully. That they bully people within their own party. But this is more important. We’re talking about lives that were lost here.”

The congresswoman suggested that both Democratic state senators and the Democratic Congressional delegation must “grow a spine and grow some political courage and stand up for what’s right,” which she said is to provide people in her state with “justice.” Stefanik suggested it was time to begin an official investigation into the matter “immediately: there is no excuse after last week’s bombshell.”

Stefanik said that “tens of thousands of families deserve transparency and accountability” and a prosecution focused on obstruction of justice would address those questions.

“I also think there are serious pay to play issues that are going on here as well because of some of the immunity shields that were forced into the legislation by the governor’s team,” she added.

Cuomo has largely dismissed criticism of his nursing home policies — including the Justice Department’s inquiry into his March 25 nursing home order — as politically motivated.