by R. Mitchell

Boston’s leadership has issued a new edict and certain citizens must comply, must submit, or else.

BREAKING: Boston will now begin banning unvaccinated people from going to all restaurants, bars, nightclubs, sports arenas, fitness centers, movie theaters, concert venues, museums, and entertainment venues.

— Kim Mangone (@KimMangone) December 20, 2021

Bostonians are obliviously thrilled with this line of full government control.

we need to provide commercial access businesses to CONFIRM individuals reported #vaccination status and institute appropriate fines for fake vaccine cards and QR codes. with THIS safeguard, this will just BOOST sales of #FakeVaccineCards

— ThatGirl – Evolve or Die (@XVirginMary) December 21, 2021

Good!! This needs to be done nationwide! Or the unvaxxed can start paying my bills since the Industry I work in is only back 50% low paying jobs I am working do not pay all the bills. Some of my work now canceling and being moved to the Fall.

— Tamera Kay (@KayTamera) December 20, 2021

The White House staff and support are all fully vaccinated, but still Press Secretary Jen Psaki and a staffer have both tested positive. It’s likely Omicron, which is extremely mild, so they should be fine. But the point is that vaccine mandates aren’t slowing the spread – at all.

Several members of Congress have fallen ill despite being fully compliant, Celebrities, local politicians, friends, and family have also popped positive despite following the rules. Something doesn’t work as they promised. Maybe none of it does.

15 days to slow the spread, get vaxxed and you won’t need a mask, reach herd immunity and we can return to normal. None of that was true, but that won’t stop far-left power-mongers from using any and every possible turn to shut down those who do not acquiesce to their inane rules.

The head-scratcher is why “the vaccinated” – sounds like a horror movie – give a crap what free-thinkers do or do not do as it comes to COVID-19. If they went and got all three of the shots as prescribed by the elites, what do they care if someone else doesn’t? I mean, aren’t they protected? Or are they?

Sure, they’ll claim the hospitals will get overwhelmed. They won’t – Omicron is less of a health risk than seasonal flu – much less, so far. Maybe they’re worried about spread among those not vaccinated? Why? “The vaccinated” have been told they’re safe. So why do they so willingly and unquestioningly accept an authoritarian edict that will lock entire swaths of citizens out of society?

Boston hasn’t been a center for freedom for a very long time and with liberals in charge, it won’t be any time soon.

The real shame is those citizens cheering the absolute loss of individual liberty for no reason at all.

If there are any free-thinkers left in Boston, now is the time to resist or move. Whichever.

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