President-elect Joe Biden’s plan to combat COVID-19 within his administration includes repeated testing, virtual meetings, and small and infrequent public events, Politico reported Wednesday

Members of the transition team have reportedly already begun these practices and plan on carrying them over once the administration starts working.

“It’s a dynamic situation with the pandemic, but I think you’ll see the exact same adherence to and commitment to the science of keeping the team safe that you saw during the campaign and transition, you’ll see that as we enter the physical space,” said Yohannes Abraham, executive director of Biden’s transition, reports Politico.

The Biden team reportedly plans to have only a skeleton crew working from the White House before it is meticulously sanitized following the Trump administration’s move. (RELATED: Biden Formally Announces Dr. Fauci Will Be A Member Of His COVID-19 Team)

“It’ll be the polar opposite of what you’re seeing now,” said former HHS Assistant Secretary of Emergency and Preparedness Nicole Lurie, according to Politico.

At public events, reporters in the press pool are reportedly required to be tested and Biden is also subjected to regular PCR testing.