by JD Washington

It was not so long ago that both Pfizer and Moderna said that they would be working on COVID vaccines specific for Omicron. Why? Because the current vaccines were not working against the latest scariant.

Lab research has indicated that the Pfizer vaccines are ineffective against the current scariant. Moderna, since it works in generally the same way, would also be ineffective against the current scariant. So the discussion was that they were going to produce a new vaccine specifically for Omicron.

That was until Wednesday.

Mainstream media outlets are spreading the report now that Pfizer and Moderna are both effective against the Omicron variant. In fact, an internet search produces hundreds of articles spreading that message. That the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines produce a high level of protection.

The caveat is that you must take a booster shot in order to receive that protection. That’s right, you cannot be protected from the latest scariant unless you are willing to submit to their experimental booster shots.

In the lab report cited above, science tells us that the vaccines are not effective. It specifically says that natural immunity is the key to fighting Omicron. But now we are to believe that Pfizer and Moderna boosters are effective.

What is really happening here? The truth is that the majority of Americans who wanted the vaccine have received them. The remaining Americans that continue to refuse vaccines have clearly spoken that they do not intend to take the vaccine.

Sales are slowing and the Pfizer and Moderna behemoths want to pad their bottom line and make as many billions of dollars as possible. They are already making billions and this only ads to the bottom line.

Especially if they can get the mainstream media to spread the propaganda and help governments to buy into it. Soon, you will hear governments and organizations starting to say that you are not fully vaccinated unless you have received a booster shot.

While Pfizer and Moderna continue to profit, so do congressional leaders. They are heavily invested, both Democrats and Republicans, in these pharma giants and are reaping massive profits to their campaigns and personal interests.

The cycle never ends either. It will continue through each scariant, a booster for each to continue their experiment. It continues to force compliance and eventually, they take it a step further than just vaccine compliance.

We were told the vaccines would end COVID, but they did not. Now, we are told a booster will end Omicron. The science tells a different story. If Americans do not wake up, the end of this story does not look good.

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