by Frank Salvato

Congress has mapped out an agreement on a proposal to fund the federal government through mid-February, but a group of conservative Senators is saber-rattling over COVID vaccine mandates causing the establishment Republicans to face the fact they still haven’t been able to take control of the narrative.

The House of Representatives advanced the Continuing Resolution bill to the Senate, which will need to vote on the bill and send it to President Biden ahead of the midnight Friday deadline.

But a group of Senate Republicans is threatening to delay the bill’s consideration in objection to the President’s attempt to use tax dollars to advance mandated COVID vaccinations.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), said flatly Thursday that there would be no shutdown.

Wednesday, conservatives in the House aggressively supported the idea of the Senate stonewalling government funding in order to sink the vaccine mandate.

The House Freedom Caucus called on McConnell to do everything he can do to deny “timely passage” of the Biden administration’s spending bill unless it prohibits funding for vaccine mandates.

Why This Is Important

It is unconscionable that the nationally elected Republicans remain so dreadful incapable of capturing and positioning narratives to put spendthrift and ideologically motivated Democrats, Progressives, and Fascists on the ropes. In a nutshell, the blame lays with both the political class and the institutional class on the Right side of the aisle.

Messaging and narrative control are two of the easiest things to achieve where the political sphere is concerned. Reagan and Trump both knew how to circumvent activist and adversarial media, successfully taking their messages directly to the people, sidestepping both the mainstream media and the status quo gatekeepers of the elected and institutional classes.

So, the ability to message isn’t the issue for Republicans. The issue is “the good old boys (and girls) club.”

The Republican Party – at all levels; national, state, and local – is plagued with the cancer of a status quo centered on antiquated institutionalization hobbled by a narcissistic “it’s my turn” mentality. This cancer is the catalyst for the establishment Right’s debilitating blindness to their complicity in allowing the far-Left to seize narratives – blindness that allowed Fascists, led by a senile septuagenarian to seize power during a time of unquestionable growth and prosperity in the United States.

In fact, the breath of fresh air that was the presidency of Donald Trump was a breach of the status quo’s rigid parameters to the extent that power-hungry politicos from within the sitting president’s party worked against his administration and re-election.

Where many want to couch these “never-Trumpers” as political party traitors (they are that), the larger label for these destroyers of prosperity are “establishment status quo-ers.” They would rather protect their power bases, the status quo “standard operating procedures,” and institutionalized financial benefactors than embrace new agents and tactics that would serve both the party and the American people more effectively.

The same can be said for the many inside-the-beltway conservative deep-pocket ideological institutions; the very ones who tell you every year how important it is to back them with your “tax-deductible contributions” for all the “critical work” they do to protect and advance the conservative cause.

If you are still cutting checks and making online donations to those antiquated institutions – even after decades of doing little more than supporting the status quo and failing to challenge the advances from across the ideological aisle, then you should sit back and ask yourself some questions.

If those institutions are actually doing the “critical work” they say they do, then why has our society moved incrementally to the Left each and every year to the point that over half of the college students today think Socialism is a better economic system than Capitalism?

If the deep pocket, marble-pillared conservative foundations and think tanks are so “potent” in the use of your donation money, why is our country on the brink of being economically controlled by the World Economic Forum? Why are we being controlled by Executive Branch bureaucrats instead of our elected Representatives? Why are our educational institutions actively indoctrinating our children – our next generation – into Critical Race Theory and Marxism?

My friends, it is the Washington, DC-based conservative think tanks and institutions – the same ones the elected, status quo Republicans acquiesce to without fail, that have sold you a promise of false hope, failed at controlling any narratives, and allowed Fascism to return to our nation’s Capitol for the first time since the beginning of the Roosevelt administration and the Wilson administration before that, even as they sit in high-dollar eateries having yet another useless lunch meeting about things they will never achieve and, in fact, have failed at for decades.

The answer is not continuing to feed the failed guardianship of the status quo. The answer is thinking outside the box, supporting a new and true guardianship that painstakingly advances information and education of freedom, liberty, the Charters of Freedom, and the free market routinely, many without any financial help from the institutionalized class who see them as usurpers to their birthright of power and control.

As you watch the establishment Republicans in Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy – and their retreaded staffs – once again fail to control the narrative over the looming government shutdown, look closer at who is failing.

As you watch the activist Left – well-funded at even the lowest level by their institutionalized benefactors – run rings around the Republicans in painting them responsible for shutting down the government, even though Progressive and Fascist spendthrift policies are the cause, realize who has failed the people.

If you keep feeding the status quo, you will continue to get the status quo. And that status quo has delivered us to the Left – consistently and without fail – and with almost zero credible pushback from the elected and institutionalized Right for decades.

They say the definition of insanity is to repeat the same mistakes over and over again while expecting different results. So, when those foundations and think tanks come begging for your dollars again this year, how about denying them the ability to do nothing – again – and sprinkling the infield with smaller donations to people, publications, and real grassroots organizations that actually do the hard work of effective messaging?

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