Ohio certified its election results Friday, giving the state’s 18 electoral votes to President Trump.

Trump won the popular vote in the state by 8.03 percentage points — 3,154,834 votes to President-elect Joe Biden’s 2,679,165.

“I’m fully confident Ohio’s voice was heard in a fair and honest election,” Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose told News Center 7 in an interview.

LaRose, a Republican, said Trump has every right to pursue legitimate legal claims but that it will do a disservice to democracy if his challenges to the outcome all turn out to be baseless. He said trusting election outcomes is “the very foundation of our way of life in a democracy.”

“When people invent conspiracies about elections that aren’t based in reality, that’s damaging and that’s irresponsible and shouldn’t happen,” LaRose said, according to The Associated Press. “Because the fact is that elections are run better and more honestly than, really, I think they ever have been.”

The state had a record number of ballots cast this election season — over 200,000 more than 2016 — with a large increase in early and absentee voting due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Overall, 5,974,121 ballots were cast in Ohio, and the ballot rejection rate was 0.42%, an improvement from the last election, officials said.